Wor Watthana Arrow Vest

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These arrow vests are made of DryFit material. This is the perfect material to wear during your training sessions because of its uniquely high-quality combination of comfort, durability style.


"Wor. Watthana Muay Thai Gym is a cause that is very important to me personally.

"Frances and Boom, the owners and operators, literally rescue underprivileged, at-risk Thai youth from a life on the streets. They give these kids a safe, family-friendly environment to live and grow up in so they avoid falling into the common traps of drugs, gangs, crime, and worse.

"Frances and Boom are absolute heroes, and I want to do whatever I can to help them on their mission.

"I am donating 90% of profit made from selling these awesome workout shirts directly to Wor Watthana. I'll claim the remaining 10% to put towards making more shirts for sale.

"Please help support this worthy cause. Every sale goes towards sheltering, feeding and raising these kids to be great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Sean "Muay Thai Guy" Fagan

Customer Reviews

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I love it!

We’ll first of all, it got to me super fast. Which is great and I wasn’t expecting it. 2nd it fits perfect (well a little big since I’ve lost so much weight with the fighter family work outs. but I dig it man. The tank top cut is great for presenting the gun show, as a result from all my work outs. Seriously. Th profits go to a hreatNak Muay Nation and the Muay Thai Guy are really just a great company and this is one more reason to love them

What a stellar and super kind review. We're humbled by your appreciation. Keep working hard in the Fighters Body and keep repping the Nak Muay Nation!

Great material, sizing and design

Everything was perfect and quick delivery aswell. Will buy again

Great to know, Luke! Thanks!

Geoff Cornwell
Fantastic product

This vest was bought as a gift for a friend and as a bonus supports a worthy cause! The quality and design of the vest is phenomenal, and I will be buying one for myself!

Sweet! Thanks for letting us know, Geoff!

Great quality. Exactly what you want

Genuinely one of the best training and sparring top i’ve got so far. Top quality in details, robust and perfect fabric. Resist nicely at frequent washing. Good cut and fit all around.

Thank you so much, Max. That's very encouraging to hear!


Wor Watthana Arrow Vest