Fighters Body 60-Day Training & Workout Journal

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Need more self-accountability

Want to track your sessions and see your actual gains? 

Stay on top of yourself and your progress with this paperback journal designed to give you more self-awareness over the next 60 days of your fitness journey.


This is intended for use in conjunction with The Fighters Body Membership Academy training program... but it's perfect for anyone taking their fitness seriously!

The Fighters Body Academy is a progressive, structured fitness training program that implements a mixture of shadowboxing, heavy bag, HIIT bodyweight, cardio, and yoga sessions. Using Muay Thai as the vehicle for your fitness, pro fighter Sean "Muay Thai Guy" Fagan leads you & keeps you accountable for your fitness in this program!

Customer Reviews

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Great training tool

I really like sitting down before my workouts and writing in this journal. It's a great way to get focused and set your intentions. Reflecting after your workout makes you realize how much great work you got in or what to work on for a better session next time. Once mine is full I'll definitely be getting another.

Tracking your progress is one of the best ways to get motivated and stay motivated! So happy it's helping you!


I absolutely love this program. Its fun and easy to follow. Its great for the beginners to Muay Thai and great for experienced fighters. There is something for everyone regardless of age, level, experience. Sean and Liz are amazing and super supportive in every step of the way. There are SUPER COOL FRIENDLY PEOPLE in their private Facebook group who don't judge and are always there for added support and motivation.

If you want to change your body, set goals and reach them, this is the program for you.

So happy to be a part of this! I would give more stars if I could!

Fighters body programme is epic

I absolutely love the fighters body programme. It's a very well organised comprehensive package. I've enjoyed it even more as gsve ne structure during the covid - outbreak. Theres a really supportive group on facebook and sean and liz are mega mentors. Super motivating on all levels!