Nak Muay Nation Double-Strap Muay Thai Gloves

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The long-awaited sequel to our original Nak Muay Nation Muay Thai gloves - now in stock!

  • Unique double strap feature for an even snugger, more solid fit
  • 100% genuine, handstitched leather
  • 30-day "new manufacturer" warranty - contact for more information.

Customer Reviews

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Double strap boxing gloves

There are quality product I got a pair of them for my son , and he just loves them.
Plus it look damn cool.
I can also see a little boost of confidence hitting that heavy bag.

Maaui Walker
Can’t wait to get them

Hey Sean, I’m supposed to start back at the gym today and the gloves and shin guards I ordered 40 days ago still haven’t arrived. I’m sure they will be excellent quality, like the Wor Watthana singlets I got from you last year. Really looking forward to getting my new gear.

Dorian Harris

Nak Muay Nation Double-Strap Muay Thai Gloves

Gloves & Shorts

I ordered both 10 & 16 oz gloves and a pair of shorts. The quality is amazing. I’ve been using the 10oz on the bag and just started sparring with the 16oz. No complaints. I really like the double strap, it’s like a seatbelt for the wrists. I was surprised at the great quality of the shorts. I recommend these products highly! I wish I bought couple more pairs of shorts during the sale. Couldn’t beat that price!

Gloves are one thing you CANNOT cut costs on because your hands and wrists are one of the most important things in fighting and can be one of the most fragile, so that's why we made the double straps. Glad you like it!

Christopher Smith
Even better than I expected (and I expected a lot)

I got the 16 ounce ones in red, along with a set of wraps. I've been wanting a set for awhile but they've been out of stock. When I saw they were back in, and on sale no less, I lept at the opportunity. Putting them on for the first time made me so glad I waited rather than settling on an inferior product from somewhere else. Everything about these gloves lives up to the standard I've come to expect from Sean and Nak Muay Nation - the fit, finish, and feel were flawless. I can honestly say I would be honored to get punched in the face with these gloves (but of course I'm going to push myself every day to keep that from happening as much as possible). If you're on the fence about these because you found a cheaper pair somewhere else - remember "buy quality, and you'll only cry once". These are worth every penny (and the wait if you miss the current batch and have to catch the next one, like I did). You will not regret having these gloves.

LOL. I love this. Thanks, Chris, for all the kind words, bro!