Nak Muay Nation Double-Strap Muay Thai Gloves

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A new batch of gloves is on its way now. Thank you for your patience and support.



The long-awaited sequel to our original Nak Muay Nation Muay Thai gloves - now in stock!

  • Unique double strap feature for an even snugger, more solid fit
  • 100% genuine, handstitched leather
  • 30-day "new manufacturer" warranty - contact for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Morris Green
Seems like high quality gloves

These gloves seem very high quality. However, I'm unable to use them. They are very difficult to put on and they don't fit when wearing wraps. I have the 16OZ gloves and can hardly get my hands in there.

Sorry they're not the best fit for you, Morris. If you like, we can arrange to have your money refunded. We'll contact you directly!

Michael Donaldson
HBB program

HBB has a lot of information to absorb. I am just getting started and I am pleased with the detail and simplicity using the information. Definitely worth the investment to compile new workouts, skills, and techniques to your training program whether you are competitive fighter or for personal advancement

Awesome to read this review today, Michael. Thank you very much!

Rafael Echavarria
Not happy

I am sorry to complain but I might be doing something wrong. It is very difficult to put on the gloves alone. The inside Velcro gets stuck on the hand wraps and I cannot even open one of the gloves as the whole where the Velcro goes is too small. I am honestly not satisfied at all.

Hey, Rafael! Do you think you'd like to try a larger size maybe? Give us a shout at and we'll help sort something out.

Christopher Martin
Outstanding quality

Just like the quality of instruction i received from Sean at the Nak Muay retreat in Costa Rica a few weeks ago, the quality of these gloves are A++!
I went for the 12 oz just to give a lighter feel when training, sparring, etc and just hearing the smack on the pads these bad boys produce is a huge confidence builder!

We love how you snuck that subtle Muay Thai Vacations reference in there, Christopher ;)

Samuel Stein
Legit Gloves

These gloves honestly blew my expectations out of the water. The quality and material are superb, and they keep to my hands tight and secure with the inner and outer strap. The internal material is also very sweat wicking as it seems to dry fast, and much comfier than standard leather. Very pleased.

Wow! What a stellar review! Thanks so much, Samuel!