[NEW] Nak Muay Nation Muay Thai Gloves

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The long-awaited sequel to our original Nak Muay Nation Muay Thai gloves - now in stock!

  • Unique double strap feature for an even snugger, more solid fit
  • 100% genuine, handstitched leather
  • 30-day "new manufacturer" warranty - contact support@nakmuaynation.com for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Robin Klase

Really great gloves. Perfect fit and good quality! I love the double straps, the extra support around the wrist really makes you feel you can put extra power behind the punches.

Love them!

That's awesome to hear. Glad they're helping!

Will Clink
Nak Muay White Gloves

Fiancée very happy with them! Good quality and does it job 110%

Awesome. Thanks for the support!

Richard Hinchliffe
Great Gloves

Excellent gloves. The ones I had before the Velcro would come apart when hitting the heavy bag hard. These do not. In addition, my wrists are no longer sore after a workout. Highly recommend these gloves!

Glad to protect those wrists!

Emily Brady
Love these gloves

The first time I used these I knew they were a great investment. They were comfortable to wear and felt great to use. The double strap took a little getting used to, but the extra support in my wrists was awesome. I already know I'll buy another pair when these wear out!

Wrist support is one of the most important things about gloves along with protection for your knuckles. So happy you like them.

Jeanie Tan
Good quality. Very comparable to other big brands!

Got this double strap Nak Muay Nation Gloves. To be very honest, this pair of gloves is of good quality and nice design, very comparable with those big brands, such as Fairtex, Venum, etc... But this NMN Gloves has this one feature which I love it: Double Straps! It held on and protect my wrists during the heavy bag works!