Nak Muay Nation OG Style Muay Thai Gloves

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A new batch of gloves is on its way now. Preorders for currently out-of-stock sizes/colors will be filled by approximately August 1. Thank you for your patience and support.



They're finally back... The Original Nak Muay Nation Muay Thai Gloves!

  • The same badass design & fit as my #1 best-sellers - perfect for smashing!
  • 100% genuine, handstitched leather
  • 30-day "new manufacturer" warranty - contact for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
David Riley msa Huddersfield Thai boxing
Gloves review

Excellent gloves at a great price. Cheap postage to the UK was excellent.

Val S
Stylish and functional, but ...

I picked these OG gloves up because I prefer the all black look over the newer version gloves. They seem durable, give good support, and have nice padding. But there's a few things odd with the fit and I'm sure that's why they got redesigned, but they work just fine and I'm satisfied.

I got the 12oz just to compare how it feels training with lighter gloves compared to my 16's and I really like the difference of using the lighter ones for my home work outs.

The glove latching is kind of a pain in the ass, requiring me to use my teeth on my last glove and it sometimes slips out of its guide so I gotta take the gloves off and start over. The gloves are also a lil tight, I can't wear my glove-style hand wraps with em, and even with standard wraps it's still work to fit my hands in. The fit on my left glove feels awkward at the thumb-palm area, but once I start hitting the bag I don't notice it.

So there's a few things that probably got fixed in the redesign, but I do prefer this look (not that it matters much). Overall they work just fine and I enjoy training with em.

Thank you for the honest review, Val. This is super useful information to us in helping to design future iterations of these gloves.

JC Salazar

The Muay Thai Gloves from the Nak Muay Nation store they are really good quality and durable easy to put on and off

Thanks for taking the time to let us know, JC!

Justin Campbell
OG Style Muay Thai gloves

Love my new gloves! Just like the last pair of Nak Muay gloves I bought, these gloves provide great support around the wrist. They also provide a nice fit in the hands which allow solid strikes on a bag, pads, or during sparring.

Awesome review! Glad you dig them, Justin.

Anthony Hale
Great Gloves!

High quality, super comfortable and easy to break in. Feel like they'll last a long time. Other gloves I've had feel too light

That is a solid review. Thanks so much, Anthony!