Muay Thai Secrets: Paperback Edition

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I've Uncovered The

Best 'Secret Knowledge'

About EVERYTHING TO DO With Muay Thai


164 pages covering EVERYTHING Sean knows and loves about Muay Thai, including...

Training Style & Philosophy

Learn exactly how the top-tier Muay Thai fighters prepare for their fights, with detailed training advice on Heavy Bag Work, Sparring, Exercise & more.

All The Important Firsts

From how to act at your 1st Muay Thai class, to preparing for your 1st amateur fight… We dig into answers to all those questions you were too nervous to ask yourself.

Unique Aspects of Muay Thai

Super-detailed section after super-detailed section on what makes Muay Thai so different – the Mongkon, the Wai Kru, and all my trickiest Clinch techniques.

Eat Like a Fighter

Eat just like a lean, muscular Muay Thai fighter does by using my personal meal plans and tips for pre-workout and post-workout eating – all included inside Muay Thai Secrets.

Training in Thailand

The most common question I get is, “What’s it like training in Thailand?” so I put all my best advice and virtually unknown gyms/spots inside Muay Thai Secrets!

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Awesome tips... awesome reading!

Okay, trust these 5 stars review. I enjoy the reading, very useful information, something i can read over and over for reference. I really appreciate the "losing on 1st fight" chapter. I haven't fought yet but it helps me feel a little better about losing. The only awkward thing on the book was the printing of the cover was backward, but that didn't bother me. I was happy to have a copy of the book. Get it!!!

Thank you so much for your positive review of our product, Muay Thai Secrets! We're glad to hear that you found the tips and information to be helpful and enjoyable to read. We appreciate your trust in our product and your 5-star rating. We're also happy to know that the chapter on losing your first fight was beneficial to you. We apologize for the issue with the cover printing, but we're glad it didn't affect your overall satisfaction with the book. Thanks again for your support and we hope you continue to find value in our product.


I am loving this book. This has been helpful, coupled with my Muay Thai classes.

Santiago Saldivar

Great written informative book

Thanks, Santiago!


Order never arrived.


Super Informative