The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0

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The #1 Muay Thai Striking Course: 100 Combos, 30 Workouts, 35 Drills and a 24-Week Progressive Workout Program!

*NOTE: This is a 100% digital product. This is NOT a physical product.*

Here's Everything You Get When You Are The Owner Of This Transformational Striking Program...


You receive detailed coaching on a wide range of striking combinations to make sure you are performing them correctly.

You will be adding new deadly weapons to your striking arsenal while sharpening and perfecting the fundamentals. Dive deep into each combination to learn how to use them efficiently and effectively so you can dominate your next opponenet (or surprise your next sparring partner.


Follow along with these THEMED intense heavy bag workouts that cover a whole range of techniques, combinations and drills. You’ll find workouts like “Boxing Combos,” “Defensive Dominance,” “Long Range Weapons," "Teep Focus," "Footwork & Angles" and many others.


Add these drills to your training regimen and watch all your attributes (conditioning, power, speed, balance) level up! Mix and match these with your favorite workouts to add some real challenge to your training.

The best thing about this program as that it has something for everyone! With 3x8 week programs consisting of Amateur (Beginner), Pro (Intermediate) and Champion (Advanced), you’re bound to find a program that fits your skill level… or just do them all and really tighten up your technique! 


Inside the master manual you’ll get a whole breakdown of heavy bag information including how to make your own! On top of that I share my top recommendations for which type of heavy bag you should get, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about training with a heavy bag.


Customer Reviews

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Krzysztof Pietrukowski
Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0

Hi 👋
I will start with, Sean is great guy and fighter. His program is worth every penny. Is so much in the program you going be overwhelmed.
Technical information of Muay Thai, striking, combination, trening plan for all the week. He will give you personal advise and motivation when you need it. Through program I feel like Sean is with me every step on my trening session. Is not bulshit if you just starting or do you want explore your knowledge about Muay Thai. Sean is your guy !!!

Very kind review here, Krzysztof! Thanks for the love :)

Thorough and excellent content!

I started kickboxing (workout not actual training) about 4 years ago but always wanted to try Muay Thai. When Covid hit I was unable to go to my kickboxing gym and it kind of just fell off my radar. Life has also gotten extremely busy so I decided to just hit the bag (banana bag) in my garage which had been ok but not great. Anyway, fast forward to now— I am so happy I found this course. Sean is an excellent coach. I am learning so much and feel like my technique is improving in just 2 weeks!

Awesome stuff here, Jennifer! Glad to hear you're digging HBB!

Joel Markham

This is my take and review on your course/program, I am 70 plus years old, have owned Martial Arts schools, and have taught MMA. I bought this course as a syllabus for training a young man who has been training in Jujutsu with me that wants to learn Muay Thai and fight.
This in my opinion is one of the very best programs out there involving Muay Thai. The info, knowledge and support you provide throughout leaves the other programs wanting to be like you. Your instruction is simple, accurate and easy to follow.
As a Martial Artist and holder of several Black Belts I can say if an individual wants to learn, know, and understand Muay Thai and be proficient at it, then take your course, its one if not the very best out there.
My thoughts from an older perspective, and as such I think this needs to be Posted so that anyone searching for a better way to Muay Thai will now have the opportunity to achieve that through this program.
Take Care and the Best to All.

This is a tremendous review. Very in-depth and honest. Thank you so much, Joel!

Joakim G
Well paced, well structured and good programme!

I've added the program on to my Muay Thai journey after 3 months. It's been invaluable for me to be able to practice and focus on techniques on my own time. I use it either as warm up before my classes or as warm up before strength training. Already recommended to a lot of the other guys down at the gym ;) 5/5

Cheers and thank you so much, Joakim!

A Juggernaut of a Program

As a self confessed training program whore I can't recommend the heavybag Blueprint 2.0 enough! Ive been left seriously underwhelmed, feeling shortchanged or just not able to easily get working out and a structured schedule with the vast majority of offerings out there.

For example might pay best part of 100 dollars for an hour of an instructor chatting and going over a few things then you expected to memorise and put together your own plan yourself.

Sean's heavybag Blueprint is HUGE!! You absolutely won't feel short changed for starters and and it's all organised into sections with detailed instructions on training schedules or just very many good old click-and-play follow along if you got zero organisational skills like me! 😬

There really is enough there to last you years and years of training it constantly, you get csn tell Sean has put in tons of effort to compile such a complete and meticulously structured behemoth of a program.

It absolutely will sharpen your game for solo work bolted onto your classes or whatever, or just standalone for fitness depending on your goals.

I've recommended like this to training buddies online and they've come back to me and said you were dead right and they very happy with.

May seem like a bit of money, but it's 100% worth every penny and way more than even, a solid addition to any library. Woukd be become the backbone I'm sure.

I particularly like the audio downloads of follow along workouts... once i got them down a little could then go running and pop the audio file on through headphones and bust out sexy Muay Thai Guy rounds which specific intentions and combis in beautiful surroundings out in nature - extremely wholesome!

For someone who was struggling with spontaneous shadowboxing flow upon purchasing this was perfect! Now I can shadowbox more randomly throwing in these sick combos between a bit of movement or they appear in sparring because that all important muscle memory has been ingrained.

These combos work... I believe Sean only really teaches the stuff he's seen or used in sparring or fights and knows effective 👊

What an EPIC piece of feedback here, Richard! THANK YOU!