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These Nak Muay Nation hand wraps come in packages of two (2) and in either black or red.

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Xa4 D
Hand wraps

Great length, good stretch & support.

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

Hand wraps

Excellent quality wraps. Delivery took a long while.

We're glad they arrived eventually, Quail. Thank you!

Christopher Smith
Great fit, easy to use, and effective.

The idea behind wraps is to stabilize the small bones of the hand and wrist to prevent injury, and these went above and beyond in that regard. Sure, I've used them in training, and they were excellent and easy to use thanks to the handy thumb loop and Sean's video of his preferred way to wrap; but these shined through when my suffered non-training -related wrist pain and I suggested she wear them just for the support and stabilization they provide. It worked like a charm, and the next day she was fine, having given those structures the rest they needed to heal (I'm not giving anyone reading this any medical advice, all I'm saying is what we did).

Got to protect those hands! I'm so glad that you found my tips helpful. Appreciate all the kind words!

Rick Robie
Great Merch

Love my hand wraps and my dry fit Nak Muay Nation shirt. Great quality. Looking forward to future purchases. Thank you Sean!

No problem! I'm happy to provide good gear. Glad it's working good for you.

Nicholas Rice

Sometimes you buy a pair of hand wraps and they are just too short. Not the issue with these ones! Great fit and quality.

Sweeet! I hope they're keeping your hands and wrists nice and protected during training!