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*NOTE: This is a 100% digital product. This is NOT a physical product.*

Dominate your sparring sessions and become more comfortable in striking exchanges with these drills, tips and breakdowns! Includes:

    • 13 Crucial Sparring Tips - Learn how to optimize your sparring sessions by following these crucial tips!
    • Sparring Breakdowns - Watch and learn the techniques, tactics and strategies as pro-level sparring sessions are broken down for your viewing pleasure.
    • Top Sparring Drills - Knowing the best drills to sharpen your technique, timing and reactions is the best way to improve your overall fight game.


5 Reasons To Get Sparring School

#1 You'll Become More Confident, Crisp and Calm When Sparring

After watching this, everything you do in your sparring sessions will make much more sense. You will grasp a thorough understanding on how to maximize your sparring sessions using the tips, drills and strategies outline in "Sparring School." Start implementing these training methods and tactics to your routine and instantly become more cool, calm and confident in your sparring sessions!

#2 Great For Beginners AND Experienced Fighters

Whether you are just starting out or you're already far along your martial arts journey, "Sparring School" provides a variety of unique, high quality content that will cover a wide range of techniques, tactics and tips that any practitioner can learn from.

#3 You Get Inside The Mind Of Pro Coaches and Fighters

This online video program is incredibly unique because it has sparring breakdowns - which no one else has! These breakdowns are amazing for learning how to optimize your sparring sessions because you get an inside look at what they fighters are thinking while they are sparring! With voiced-over sparring sessions you'll learn the techniques and strategies Sean and his pro fighter friends use during their intense rounds.

#4 You'll Be Completely Prepared For Your Next Sparring Session

Once you make it through this 100% digital, online training program, you will be armed and ready for your next sparring battle. If it's your 1st sparring session you'll know exactly what to expect and what type of techniques to focus on. If it's your 1,000th sparring session, you'll have some new tricks and high level strategies to implement into your sparring rounds!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Awesome sparring program!

This program helps me understand sparring better in different situations such as counter vs aggressive, left and right, etc. I've been having "A-haaaa!" moments in different scenarios that coach explains in his program. Easy to understand. If you're new to sparring, this is it!!! 🔥 Of course you can research, but to save you time and stress, all your sparring questions are right here at your fingertip. Worth it!

Wow, that's awesome to hear, Ada! We're glad you're digging it.

David Volanek
Sparring school

Nice inspiration how to start with sparring. Sean did very good job as always. Thank you Sean :)

Thanks for the kind words, David!

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