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Struggle throwing high kicks? Dealing with lingering back, hip or knee injuries? This 4-Week Yoga Program will open up your hips, stretch out your legs and improve your balance so you can land killer head kick KO's!

*NOTE: This program is 100% digital and online. You will not be sent a physical copy.


What's In This Course?

Every week, you'll have 4 new videos each week for four weeks:

  • 1x Main Class Flow - This should be done 1-3x a week to maximize your results
  • 1x Pre Training Warm Up - This is ideal for a warmup before training OR a great way to start your day during your morning routine.
  • 1x Post Training Cool Down - Unwind and cool down with these flows to allow your body (and mind) to open up and slow down.
  • 1x Bonus Class Flow - Add this 1-3x a week as well if you really want to see results in your flexibility, balance, mindfulness and body coordination. 

In addition to those flows, you also have more full class bonuses and pre/post training mobility sequences that you can mix into your workout routines. And of course some guided meditation to get your mind right ;)

Customer Reviews

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Key part of my training

As a 41 year old martial artist, it has been absolutely necessary to my continued development as a fighter. I do MMA (a mix of boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and TKD), and my punches have gotten faster, my kicks higher and harder, my grappling better and-maybe most importantly-my recovery is far better. I am pain free, even with all the lifting, running, drilling and sparring. I just won a tourney without much trouble, and I have to say that I wouldn’t have been the fighter I was without this program. Thanks to Liz for creating this amazing yoga program for martial artists. It is a game changer.

This is a very kind review. Thanks, Mike!

Alexander Reyes
Total Game Changer

Yoga for Muay Thai has been a total game changer in my Muay Thai training. My kicks have improved greatly since I've started. I perform a different flow every day. I've done long ones early in the day to get my mornings started right. And after my Muay Thai training. I have less back pain which is great at 48 years of age and opening up my hips feels amazing. Liz's guided meditations are highly beneficial to my training and getting my intentions and mindset where I want it to be.
I can't say enough about Yoga for Muay Thai. Invest in yourself, your well being and your Muay Thai training. You'll be glad you did. Thank you so much Liz 🙏

What an awesome review! You're the man, Alexander!

Michael Derlev Harbo
Improved mobility in a short time :-)

I did not see my self, doing any kind of Yoga.
But then, in connection with my Muay Thai training, I saw this program. It is awesome, and my moblity, strength and posture has improved remarkable, over a few month. Elizabeth Fagan has a super cool and relaxed way, to guide you through the movements, and the program is so easy to use.
Listening to Liz, guiding you through one of the meditations, is a fantastic way to start your day :-)
I can highly recommend the Y4MT-program to anyone, who wants to improve their martial-art skills, or just want to get a stronger body.

What an awesome review! Thanks so much, Michael!