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I've Uncovered The

Best 'Secret Knowledge'

About EVERYTHING TO DO With Muay Thai


164 pages covering EVERYTHING Sean knows and loves about Muay Thai, including...

Training Style & Philosophy

Learn exactly how the top-tier Muay Thai fighters prepare for their fights, with detailed training advice on Heavy Bag Work, Sparring, Exercise & more.

All The Important Firsts

From how to act at your 1st Muay Thai class, to preparing for your 1st amateur fight… We dig into answers to all those questions you were too nervous to ask yourself.

Unique Aspects of Muay Thai

Super-detailed section after super-detailed section on what makes Muay Thai so different – the Mongkon, the Wai Kru, and all my trickiest Clinch techniques.

Eat Like a Fighter

Eat just like a lean, muscular Muay Thai fighter does by using my personal meal plans and tips for pre-workout and post-workout eating – all included inside Muay Thai Secrets.

Training in Thailand

The most common question I get is, “What’s it like training in Thailand?” so I put all my best advice and virtually unknown gyms/spots inside Muay Thai Secrets!

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Steve Karki
Very Cool !

Love the usual Sean Fagan down to eathness feel ! I'm no scholar but I've found some gramerical errors here and there, and pgs 24, 25 the pics don't really match the verbiage...I know what you are talking about since I've been following you for awhile now and talking too, but to a newbie..they might be confused a little.. Just saying. I'm about 1/2 done with the book today.

Marie-Jeanne Brouwers
extensive reference work

This book is super great it just covers all the important subjects from goal setting , technique explanations , nutrition, recovery methods and so much more . Such an inspiring read from Sean with all his years of experience. If I’m reading in the book it just makes me more excited to train again 😊

Mike Rust
Informational Book, written with lots of experiences

This book is written with so much love, its awesome!!
It's informative and gives me a whole new point of view of muay thai. Its great for beginners and intermedeats.
It brings new Motivation for me to bring my Training to the next Level.
A must have for every nak muay!
Greatings from Germany.

Ashley Richer
Exceeded my expectations!

As a new Muay Thai student, I was worried that Muay Thai Secrets wouldn't resonate with me - how wrong I was. Sean has written a book that has something for everyone, no matter what point they're in on their Muay Thai journey. I've already started putting some of the elements of the book to work and look forward to his knowledge strengthening my game.

F.... awesome!

I needed this book and it is came in the right time.
Thank you