Killer KO Combos

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Learn the techniques, tricks and tactics of 35 KO combinations that you can add to your arsenal of attacks!

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David Sánchez
Killer KO Combos review

I consider for myself the muay thai as my favorite and the best striking martial art, it has a wide arsenal of techniques, and the only disadvantage if you can see it in that way is that it takes some time to adquire a good level (obviously every martial art requires hard work and dedication), but compared to a combat sport like box, people need less time to be a good boxer, thanks to Sean and his killer Ko combos the time gap necessary to have a good level in Muay Thai is reduced. This program has a high level of effectiveness while maintaining simplicity in the techniques shown


great thai workouts

Stephen Brewer
Fun, Effective, and Clear

Top marks across the board: I bought the heavy bag blueprint and the killer ko program to help guide my ‘at home workouts’ (i.e. making the best out of the heavy bag in the garage). I couldn’t be happier. Everything is clearly laid out in an easy to follow manner. Progress is measurable and came quicker than I imagined. Thanks very much, would recommend in a heartbeat for all levels.

Cheers, Stephen!

tyrone neal

Killer KO Combos