Fight Like A Champion: Heavy Bag Workouts

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Fight Like A Champion: Heavy Bag Workouts

*NOTE: This program is 100% digital and online. You will not be sent a physical copy.

Learn exactly how to fight like your favorite fighters!

In this course, you will learn the technique, tactics & movements that make the most legendary fighters so distinct. Learn to fight like...

  • Buakaw

  • Saenchai

  • Israel Adesanya

  • Yodsanklai

  • Tiffany van Soest

  • Ramon Dekkers

  • Ernesto Hoost

Most fighters have 2x full-length, specialized Muay Thai workouts dedicated to breaking down and learning how to do what they do. Plus, you also receive 5 Core Finisher workouts - 10+ minute sessions that will test your resolve and strengthen your core! 

*This is a digital course. You will receive access immediately after purchase. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive login information within 10 minutes of purchase, or contact for assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rob Feiner
Wonderful Program

Lifelong Martial Artist here. Started JJ in 1995 NHB/MMA in 1998. This program is legit. Super fun bag workouts and keeps me on my toes after all these years. Hoost and Dekkers were two of my favorites of all time and it is very cool being able to emulate some of their programs during these workouts. Sean's breakdowns of the fights in between rounds keeps you sharp, and I love the motivational coaching towards the end of each round!

What a fantastic review. Thank you for taking the time to write it, Rob!


[NEW!] Fight Like A Champion: Heavy Bag Workouts

Sudhanshu Warang

[NEW!] Fight Like A Champion: Heavy Bag Workouts

Joe S
Fight like the greats

I've purchased a few programs from Nak Muay Nation, and this is by far my favorite product. The 5x5 minute rounds with 90 seconds rest and video analysis between seems to be the perfect ratio to give it your all while having some entertainment in between. The only thing that didn't deliver is that in the description, it states that there are two videos per fighter and that's not true. I would have loved to do another Dekkers or Holtzken video. I think a part two could be made with the likes of Valtellini, Rodtang, Harrison, Superlek, Haggerty Meksen, and more. Something about learning from the greats is truly inspiring and although a lot of the practices and concepts are basic, it never gets boring for me.

Very good observation about the incorrect description, Joe. We'll fix that now. Thanks for pointing it out. We're glad to hear you're digging the program so far!

Agustin Olmos
Great Video

Great workouts, watching the fight footage alongside the drills is great. Keep them coming ...

Will do! Thanks, Agustin.