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The Sweet Science Within The Art of Eight Limbs

The most comprehensive course on standup striking for martial artists and fighters to improve their boxing skills.

Six modules of in-depth tutorials along with 3 bonuses!

*NOTE: This is a 100% digital product. This is NOT a physical product.*


Here's what's included in this comprehensive program:

Module #1: Boxing for Muay Thai 101

This module is like the first chapter of any book. Boxing for boxing differs significantly from boxing for Muay Thai. We introduce you to the critical changes you have to make between the two styles to introduce the sweet science into the art of 8 limbs. 

    • Fundamentals, Resetting and Technique Perfection - We can't have you throwing superman punches and spinning kicks without the perfection of the fundamentals. You will learn to beat your opponent with basic punches and footwork, later chaining everything together together to dominate the competition.
    • Jump Rope Tricks and Tips - Efficient, badass, and fun all at the same time. Putting a variety of these jump rope techniques together will have your partners looking at you like you've spent some serious time in the dark of a boxing gym.
    • Elbow, Knee, and Kick Setups - Having a hard time fitting in elbows and knees from the outside? Not a fan of having your shin bruised and swollen from kicks? These set ups will create the openings you are looking for.
    • Solid Hand Wrapping Techniques - Protecting your hands is boxing 101. We have seen professionals using subpar hand wrapping techniques! With this in mind, we bring you different methods of making sure your hands are ripping at the heavy bag and pads with no limit.

Module 2: Solo Drills

A trainer once told us, "I want to help you, but when I can't be there, you must help yourself." We are actualy here to help you without physically being with you. These solo drills ensure you are training while everyone else is sleeping!

    • Drill Unforeseeable Punches. Shadowboxing 101. Tucking the Chin - Drills you can do all by yourself, on your own time and schedule. Drills that ensure an inpregnable defense, an offense with no tells, and a chin that may never have to be tested.
    • Heavy Bag and Uppercut Bag Fundamentals - A focus on change, creates change. You are provided with a list of things to focus on to evolve your striking game. Whether you are in class or working the bag in the garage, the evolution of your striking is a guaranteed asset with the videos provided in this module.
    • Distance Control Drills - Controlling the distance is something that requires a partner. Or does it?

Module #3: Defensive Techniques and Drills

Working your defense will never be a struggle after eating up these drills. Dozens of techniques, drills, and even insurance policies in case you make a mistake.

    • First Line of Your Inpregnable Defense - Authoritative blocking techniques, parries, and a variety of shells & long guards to use at your disposal.
    • Plan B Insurance - They say most forms of inpregnable defense are 95-99% effective. Here's plan B for the other 1-5%. We show you the differences in head movement in Muay Thai and tricky pivots leaving your opponents gassed and swinging at air.
    • Complete Reaction Drills and Knockout Openers - Drills to not only provide you with matrix-like reaction speed in your defense, but to increase the speed on your counter punches as a byproduct.

Module 4: Partner Drills and Techniques

This is where the program gets interactive and serious. We use our cleanly developed movement to polish and shine evasiveness, technical aggressiveness, and counter punching against a human target. In addition you will learn proper padwork practice, padwork chains and body conditioning finishers that will keep you looking sharp in and out of the ring. 

    • Padwork and Trigger Moves - Becoming fast and pretty without the goal of looking good on camera, but in the ring. (Although one will equal the other.) Purposeful padwork techniques to increase any fighter's offense, defensive evasiveness, responsiveness, and conditioning - from the amateur practitioner to the proficient professional.
    • Aggressive Counter Movement - Aggressive counter movement? Isn't that an oxymoron? Not if you follow our advanced drilling techniques. As aggressive as you want to be, there are ways you can drill counter movement whilst doing so.
    • Next Level Drills - Just as the title states, drills that will take your physical and mental toughness to the next level, that will upgrade your striking game to a professional level. These are drills that will get you feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable. Quickly.

Module 5: Fight Tactics and Strategies

The most in depth and tactical part of any course that you will ever come across. Exposing every boxing trick to the world of Muay Thai, still keeping it in the roots of the art. Just take a look at the sample list:

  • Aiming for Key Targets
  • Jab Mastery - (A full course in itself!)
  • Knockout Hand Trapping Techniques
  • Baiting the Competition to the Counter
  • Snake Charming and Perfecting Distance
  • Body Shot Setups
  • Tall vs. Short & Short vs. Tall Guide
  • Southpaw Tactics and Tricks
  • Finishing Fights with Hands
  • Finishing Fights with Kicks, Elbows, and Knees

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Grant van den Berg
Boxing for Muay Thai

This is definitely one of my best purchases. It goes through all the fundamentals you need to be successful. The bonus content also covers a lot of great topics like power punching.

Wow, thanks so much, Grant! Enjoy! :)

Mike Atkins
Excellent as usual

Bought this as I feel my boxing skills are my weak point. Lots of drills and information that I truly believe will help anyone get better. Highly recommended

Thank you so much, Mike!

David Volanek
Boxing for Muay Thai

Sean did very good job as always. Thank you Sean, I like your videos.

And I like you! Appreciate the love, bro!


Really great, very helpful

Boxen vs. Muay Thai

Auch ich habe früher geboxt und bin nun zum Muay Thai gewechselt. Dieses Trainingsprogramm erklärt die Unterschiede und war für mich richtig hilfreich. In 59 Lektionen werden viele Dinge erklärt und die Unterschiede aufgezeigt. Ich finde es ist das Geld wert.