Nak Muay Nation Shorts (Black w/ Red Trim)

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Look violently sexy (or sexily violent if you prefer) in these official Nak Muay Nation Shorts

Perfect for fighting in the ring, sparring in the gym or watching fights on the sofa with your slippers on! (Super dynamic combat wear for the win!)

NOTE: Refer to sizing chart. Shorts are a tight fit.

Customer Reviews

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NMN shorts (black w/red trim)

My go to shorts for pad work, bag work, partner drills and technique sparring. Great fit and super comfortable. Recommended buy!

Feels great, looks amazing, fits perfect

These feel great to wear and at ~155lbs (+/- 5lbs depending on the day) and 5' 10", the Medium is a perfect fit for me. I also got a Small because I wasn't sure on the proper size, but that was a bit tight; still wearable, but the Mediums feel better.

The sides open a little more than most of my other thai shorts, but that's the style that I like, so these are great. And the design is even cooler up close than in the pics!

Very swanky

I love the shorts although they are a tad big on my I was able to roll up the band and they were ready for action. I live the feel of these shorts and also how you can machine wash these making them much easier to clean and less of a hassle. I love the shorts and will be buying more when they come with more colors and designs.

Very nice, smaller than other shorts here.

I am 5'8" 180lbs and bought these and the 2 below in XL. This pair is noticeably smaller. If ordering again I would get these in XXL.
All 3 are great quality.