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These Nak Muay Nation hand wraps come in packages of two (2) and in either black or red.

Customer Reviews

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Great wraps. They are long, so you get plenty of wrap around and support. They’re not stretchy (which I like) and are on the thinner side. So you get a lot of protection with minimal bulk. Fast shipping. Great customer service!

Sittler Pierre

So awesome one of them got stolen at the gym. Or maybe I lost idk I lose everything lol

Damn thieves!!! Give us a shout at support@nakmuaynation.com and we'll replace them free of charge.

Charles Van Kampen
High Quality Product

My new wrist wraps are quite comfortable! They're also plenty long, so I'm never short the length I need to wrap my hands effectively. Every product I've ever bought from this store is excellent.

Thanks for the great review, Charles!

Alexander Reyes
Love my hand wraps,

Great hand wraps and they don't unravel when I take my glove off. Feels good on my knuckles and and especially my wrists. I'll be ordering another pair.

Cheers, Alexander!

Ray Mullen
Awesome hand wraps!

I received these hand wraps 30 days ago alternating between the two everyday (morning class and evening class) and they’re absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend these to all involved in any combat sport requiring striking.

Thanks, Raymond! We appreciate the review.