Nak Muay Nation DryFit Arrow Vest

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The perfect combination of comfort, durability and style, repping this DryFit Arrow Vest lets the world know: you are one of many in the Nak Muay Nation!

[Please refer to Sizing Chart - scroll to the last image]

These Nak Muay Nation arrow vests are made of DryFit material. This is the perfect material to wear during your training sessions because of its uniquely high-quality combination of comfort, durability style.

Rep this arrow vest and you rep the whole Nak Muay Nation. Let the world know: you are one of us!


NoteRefer to sizing chart for more information, but be aware that this product fits snugly

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Morgan
Dryfit shirt

great quality


The material is very comfortable and breathable, very good fabric and colours! Perfect for training but very nice as well. Amazing shirt

Awesome stuff! Thanks, Roberta!

High quality, great service!!!

The shirt was high quality as is everything I’ve ordered so far is. I will be adding a couple more shirts with my next order. Fit was good and didn’t get heavy when drenched in sweat.

On a separate note; the service is 5 star. I always get quick responses to any questions. I also had an issue with gloves I ordered in the past and they replaced them for me. I didn’t expect that but it shows how above ane beyond this guy goes. It will be hard to get me to order from someone else!! Now go teep someone!

We aim to please ;) Thanks so much for your kind feedback, Rich.

Nicholas Sweeney

Nak Muay Nation DryFit Arrow Vest

Lino Sakaveli
Runs a bit big; fabric and print are exceptional

I am 182cm/70kg (5'11", 155lbs) and bought size XL after measuring several basketball jerseys I own. I was afraid of going shorter because I tuck my tops in my shorts, but I could have went for size L. It's much more elastic than a basketball jersey, especially the ones with stitched numbers, so it won't come untucked that easy. I think the separate piece of fabric around the shoulders (or some other design trick) also help it stay in place when sparring (especially if it gets pulled in the clinch or similar).

I love the bright red color (one of the main reasons I chose this design), which looks great both on the shoulders and ribs, but also on the back logo. With looks that good, I think it will start as a beach tank top before getting demoted to gym attire!

First time I washed it, I put it in a laundry bag together with a color catcher, and washed among other white athletic attire, on a cold water program. Nothing bled onto the color catcher, but I would definitely recommend you do the same at first, especially if you use warm water.

Thanks for the honest review, Lino!