Nak Muay Nation Double-Strap Muay Thai Gloves

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A new batch of gloves is on its way now. Thank you for your patience and support.



The long-awaited sequel to our original Nak Muay Nation Muay Thai gloves - now in stock!

  • Unique double strap feature for an even snugger, more solid fit
  • 100% genuine, handstitched leather
  • 30-day "new manufacturer" warranty - contact for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Robert Gutman

Gloves are too small and won’t fit an average hand.

Hey, Robert. Sorry to hear that! We're going to contact you from to figure out a replacement or refund.

Jonathan Luzano

This is my 2nd pair of the Double strap gloves! Love these gloves, the double strap gives great wrist support! Very comfortable to wear!

Thank you so much for your continued support, Jonathan!

Nikky R.
Muay Thai Gloves- Double Strapped 14oz

I haven't much to compare these gloves to other than my Everlast gloves. But they're definitely way better, a lot more comfortable, and I love how they're more adjustable because of the double straps. They're a lot more snug in the hands, fingers and knuckles than my old ones and I like that. I feel like I have better control. I haven't tried them with wraps on so hopefully they'll still feel good with them on.

Such a detailed and thoughtful review -- thank you kindly, Nikky!


Great gloves. I like the double wrap for extra wrist protection. Muay Thai Guy’s website sizing chart with hand measurements says **Measurements are without hand wraps. So when you measure your hand, be sure to go up a size from your hand measurements if you plan on wearing wraps. Fast delivery, and great customer service!


I love the gloves but I haven’t put hand wraps on while wearing the gloves and they are already kind of tight without wraps. But we’ll see.

Boxing gloves usually take a bit of time to loosen up and ours are no different. If they're still too tight after 2-3 sessions using them, contact and we can definitely arrange an exchange for a larger size!