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Start dominating inside the clinch! Instead of coming out of clinch training with a sore neck and being completely demoralized, why not rag doll your opponents and training partners when you find yourself inside the Thai clinch?

*NOTE: This is a 100% digital product. This is NOT a physical product.*


This comprehensive course will help you strengthen your Muay Thai clinch game and rag doll even bigger opponents. Inside the course you'll learn...

  • 5 Detailed Modules To Improve Your Clinch Game
  • Slick Sweeps To Slam Your Opponents On Their Backs
  • How To Develop A Brutal Knees Inside and Outside the Clinch
  • Defensive Tools To Avoid Damage And Gain Superior Position
  • A Variety Of Advanced Striking Techniques Including Spinning Elbows & Flying Knees
You'll also receive awesome bonuses including:
  • 3 Clinch Breakdowns by striking analyst Lawrence Kenshin - Learn the inside elbow techniques of the #1 Pound-For-Pound Fighter Yodsanklai Fairtex, Simon Marcus' rib breaking knee techniques and Buakaw's ability to avoid getting punched, enter the clinch, and dominate with brutal knees.
  • A Simple, Effective Neck & Grip Strength Workout - This short video workout will provide you with the key exercises you should be doing in order to improve your strength specifically inside the clinch

Customer Reviews

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Soon to be Clinch....queen??

I really enjoyed the Clinch King program. Bro, you made it real easy to follow and it's beautifully organized in chapters. There's So many good stuff on there and i will apply these tricks in my sparring session. With all that sweet clinching techniques you shared, i hope to be a Clinch queen one day. 🤪 Thanks a million! You're a real one. For sure will recommend your program to my teammates. 🥊♥️🥊♥️😎

Incredible to hear you're digging it so far, Ada! ALL HAIL THE CLINCH QUEEN

Clinch king

Really enjoyed this. It’s very well organized and the techniques on it gave me many new ideas. I have been able to go back to my Muay Thai Kru and play around with this material. Definitely recommend this instructional.

Glad you're enjoying the training style, PD!

Top Flight Clinch Instructional

I bought this instructional to augment some varied training and to fill in some gaps. The boxing clinch has atrophied since the 1920s. Even many grappling-intensive arts minimize the clinch, let alone one adapted to the realities of hitting. Other arts that claim to favor grappling neglect it completely. Even some MMA fights feature otherwise skilled fighters ineffectively hugging each other’s necks and wildly kneeing each other.

Sean Fagan provides a 360-degree view of the clinch, from ranges to strikes, to defenses and throws. It’s packed full of ideas to work with a partner, against a bag, and for solo strength training. Mr. Fagan shares the spotlight with other expert instructors and offers some valuable extras such as fight breakdowns.

This module covers grips, inside strikes, knees and elbows, vicious sweeps, and grip fighting, along with some basic locks and throws. There’s enough solid training material for multiple viewings. Everything presented can be drilled and added to workouts. For less than $50, it would be difficult to do better for a thorough all-in-one instructional. That’s a better insurance plan than relying on a lucky hook or uppercut to turn the tide in your favor.

What an awesome bit of feedback here, Jeremy. Thank you SO much for taking the time.

Carlier Adrien

Clinch king us just amazing, lot of details to begin a real clincher/Muay Pam.

The clinch is TOUGH. I've taught you as much as I could. Hope it serves you well.

Ben Kheirabadi
The Complete Course for Clinch

I really like this course.
It has everything you need to build up your clinch game

The clinch is HARD, so I'm very happy to be able to pass the knowledge on. Appreciate the kind words!