21 Killer Kicking Drills

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Inside this video course you'll find the best kicking drills that will dramatically improve your Muay Thai kicks and turn you into an absolute BEAST in the gym!

*NOTE: This is a 100% digital product. This is NOT a physical product.*

  • Solo Kicking Drills: Don't have a training partner to work drills with? Don't worry! A majority of these drills can be done along with a heavy bag or shadowboxing, so no need to wait on someone to hold pads for you!
  • Partner Kicking Drills: Intensify your training sessions by adding in partner kicking drills that will improve all aspects of your Muay Thai roundhouse kicks. These drills are a great way to push each other hard and get to the next level!
  • Detailed, Easy To Follow Explanations: Doing these drills incorrectly can lead to you picking up bad habits and slowing down your progress. Fortunately, after years of training with elite level fighters and coaches, Sean is able to explain and demonstrate how to do these drills to maximize your results... with no added "fluff”!
  • Guaranteed Results: We are so confident in these drills that after you implement them your training routine we guarantee that you will see immediate results in the power, speed and/or technique of your Muay Thai kicks.
Along with the course you also receive a few awesome BONUSES including a Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown of the great Yodsanklai Fairtex, in-depth kicking technique tutorials, the Muay Thai Mastery eBook and a Muay Thai training log!

Customer Reviews

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David Sánchez
21 Killer Kicking Drills

One of the notorious strenghts of Muay Thai are the kicks, and with this program you can improve your kicking techniques with Sean muay thai valuable knowledge. It helps me considerably in my heavy bag kicking training

Awesome review, David. Thank you!


Not so much content, I expected more

Fair enough, Martin, though for $27, what exactly were you expecting? Maybe we have a different program that better suits your needs. I would be happy to count your 21 Killer Kicking Drills payment as credit against another course if you like. Contact me here by replying or email support@nakmuaynation.com.

David Schlehuber
Great training

This has been great training especially at home. Whether it’s reviewing an entire lesson or backing up 15 seconds to see what you missed I love it.

Sweet! Thanks for the great feedback, David!

Wayne Blackman

I am excited about this course. I was never a kicker. This course taught me to be a better kicker. I continue to improve my kicking techniques. Thank you very much

You're an ass kicker now! I'm happy to have converted you to the side of kicking!

Very helpful

Very useful for a boxing convert like me