The Heavy Bag Blueprint

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The classic Heavy Bag Blueprint training program - for beginners & veterans alike!

A complete video course on how to use the heavy bag to sharpen your Muay Thai skills and intensify your training. A must-have for serious practitioners just beginning!

*NOTE: This is a 100% digital product. This is NOT a physical product.*

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Good for combination ideas but not much else.

I was hoping for videos that would be full length that I could have on to “coach” me while I do the drills, much like in a real class you attend. These are difficult to get on YouTube and the advertisements make it frustrating, hence why I spent the money to buy this. Unfortunately these are just a series of short clips showing combos that are difficult to work out to as you have to continually remove your gloves to pause or replay the short videos. Good combos though.

Hey, Peter. I understand that your expectations weren't met. I will say, though, that there are two easy solutions to your problem(s):

1) Use the 8-16-24 week training calendar that's included with HBB 2.0 (it's under the 'Workouts' section) and add some structure to these workout and drill videos.

2) Download the files for offline use and load them in a video player playlist. The link is included in your welcome email, but if you can't find it, you can contact

Edit: woops! Just realized you bought the original HBB, not HBB 2.0 (which is a much more comprehensive and up to date program!)


Loved this! This is just what I needed to help me get the most out of my heavy bag work.

Great course

Great course for the price, got me started well now saving for the 2.0 course. That’s my goal for taking my game up a level.

Great training knowledge! HBB is awesome!

I have had a few weeks using the program and am very happy with the results, it has added new skills and techniques to my training and the instruction is top notch!

Heavy Bag Blueprint

Love this program! Exactly what I was looking for