Muay Thai Mastery


Muay Thai Mastery outlines in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format everything you need to know to be as prepared as possible for when you step into the ring. Great for beginners or those looking to level up their training!

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In this clear, concise and easy-to-read guide, you’ll learn the most efficient methods to rapidly increase your gains in your techniquestrengthcardio and overall mindset even if you have a busy life schedule. The training methods, nutritional guidelines, mental tactics and workout schedules in Muay Thai Mastery are the same Sean has used in all his fights to help him become a champion Muay Thai fighter!

Prioritze Your Training

Prioritize your workouts and schedule your muay thai training camp around work and life!.

Even some of the top professionals work full-time and need to balance their training with other aspects of their life. Learn how to be more efficient with your training and make the most out of your time!

Nutritional Guidance

Know what to fuel your body with to gain more energy, maximize your workouts and cut weight safely and effectively.

Learn about the eating habits that you need to adapt in order to get leaner and in great shape to maximize your training efforts. Plus my favorite, healthy foods that every fighter should eat!

Mental Training Tips

Mental training strategies to reduce your nerves, anxiety and stress and feel 100% confident stepping into the ring on fight night.

Gain more confidence, discipline and respect while learning my personal strategies and techniques to feel more focused, calm and relaxed when you step into the ring!

Step By Step Guide

Get an inside look of how I go through training camp. You’ll get actual steps and strategies I use for setting goals, scheduling my workouts, weight cutting, pre-fight stare downs, fight day preparation, getting ready inside the locker room, having a prepared corner, warming up before a fight, the fight itself and post fight happenings.

Improve Your Entire Game!

Improve your muay thai workouts, become healthier, leaner and get in great shape all while becoming more disciplined and confident in yourself!

Maximize your efforts while you improve your conditioning, focus and techniques during shadowboxing, heavy bag work, sparring and all other facets of your muay thai workouts.


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